Frank Sandell Cue Sport

Friendship – Sportmanship – Skill


We coach you to coach yourself

Frank Sandell is a qualified coach through the original control council scheme and the advanced scheme run by the late Jack Karnehm. He was invited by Terry Griffiths to advise on plans for new coaching schemes and is regional coach for the English amateur billiards association.

Franks original inspiration was an association with former world quarter finalist Jim Meadowcroft and with his encouragement the coaching schools began operating from 1981. Among the earliest members was Allison Fisher whose immense talent and sheer determination  to succeed as a lady player against all odds should be hugely endorsed. Probably the finest ever lady snooker player her enormous success and unrelenting effort on the U.S.A. pool circuit has led her to one of the finest records in world sport.

Two former young members have amazing connections with the history of Billiards and snooker. Ben Carter(third right) a member of our group in Chichester, West Sussex is the great nephew of Fred Davis The six times world champion and below right holding cues plated to his great great great uncle The amazing billiards champion William J. Peall is Worthing member Warwick Hockley(far right).  Particularly with our younger members we use our motto: Friendship Sportsmanship and Skill, to engender not only a competitive attitude but enjoyment of cue sport to the less talented.

Remember the magic words. Before each shot you must do what?


Over the years more than 2000 have learnt this in the coaching schools.